What EPO can do for PCOS!

I’m always recommending EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) to women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The essential fatty acids found in this amazing supplement may help reduce inflammation, thereby decreasing aches, pains and symptoms of PCOS.
I personally take EPO for mood swings, cramping, headaches and other side effects associated with PMS. EPO has also been found to be good for arthritis and other joint pain.
Friends and clients who take EPO as recommended see great results after a short time. One woman wrote to me and said after taking it every day for 30 days she couldn’t believe how much better her PMS symptoms were!
Here’s how I recommend taking EPO: 1, 1300mg capsule every day until you start to see good results such as better, more stable moods, fewer PMS symptoms, etc. Days you feel extra cranky double up on the EPO.
Now, I feel my moods are stable and I rarely deal with symptoms of PMS. So, I only take EPO when I feel I need it. If I do have menstrual cramps, I will take 2 in one day. Get the idea?
If you are currently taking the Insulite Labs PCOS Nutraceuticals System, it’s okay to take EPO in addition (I do!).
I recommend Barlean’s Organic Oils brand of EPO.You can find it online or at any health foods store. 

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  1. Barbara
    3 years ago

    I have always had great success with EPO. I was diagnosed in 1966 at age 9 and have a very severe case. Still fighting it but hanging in – try EPO ladies. If it helped someone as bad as me it can certainly help you!

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